When you think of bourbon, one of the quintessential images that comes to mind is a distillery rackhouse filled with oak barrels. Unique characteristics of every barrel and the aging process itself imparts the largest impact on a whiskey’s final character. Grab a glass, choose your favorite pour, and learn about barrel aging, and why […]


Distillery to Quadruple in Size, Increase Spirits Production Capacity Tenfold, and Add 20 Jobs in the First Year On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Black Button Distilling, the first grain-to-glass craft spirits producer in Rochester, N.Y. since prohibition, announced the groundbreaking of a new tasting room and distillery at 1344 University Ave., Rochester, with a target opening […]

Black Button Distilling Announces Move to New Facility in 2023

In the world of beer, exposure to ultraviolet sunlight has always been an important factor in taste and quality. Heavy exposure to UV rays can negatively impact the flavor of most beverages made with natural grains like barley, wheat, rye, and corn. But in the world of bourbon, sunlight is rarely a topic that’s discussed. […]

Behind the Still: How Sunlight Affects Bourbon

Making great bourbon is a complex and nuanced art and we’re diving deeper into how our bourbon making process differs from other distillers. Black Button’s unique distillation process and geographic terroir create a style unto itself. Literally, nobody in the whole world makes bourbon the way Black Button does, simply because they can’t! It’s a […]

Behind The Still: Rochester Style Bourbon

The Backbone of Flavor & Aroma Part 2: The Mash Bill is a spirited discussion among distillers and bourbon lovers alike. As a reminder when you read this series, you really should do so with a glass of great bourbon in your hand. You’ll get a better appreciation for the complex aromas and flavors that […]

Behind the Still: The Mash Bill

The Town Famous for the Loganberry Drink In Buffalo, there are many celebrated local favorites, and you may be thinking: “Of course! They must mean buffalo wings.” You are correct, but wings are truly just the beginning. When you come to town, you must start your day with a peanut stick from Paula’s, swing up […]

A Taste of Buffalo: From Loganberry Drink to Loganberry Gin

Black Button Distilling Celebrates a Decade ofGrain to Glass Locally Made Craft Spirits  In the ten years since Black Button Distilling was founded by Founder and Master Distiller Jason Barrett at just 24 years old, the Rochester-based distillery has made an indelible impact on not only the local food and beverage scene, but the local community. This […]

Cheers to 10 Years!

Part 1: Bourbon Yeast Strains, The Engine That Starts a Great Spirit The following is part one of our new Behind the Still Series, where we dive into the depths and details of America’s Spirit: bourbon. So when you read this series, you should do so with a glass of great bourbon in your hand. […]

Behind the Still Series: Bourbon Yeast Strains

Lilac Gin Blog Header

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to break out the floral gin cocktails to celebrate! The annual release of our Lilac Gin is here, just in time. We’re proud of our Lilac Gin for many reasons, and it’s the perfect base for some of our favorite floral gin cocktails So let’s dive into the deep […]

Lilac Gin Release: Perfect Floral Gin Cocktails

Black Button Distilling’s Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey was named the Best Whiskey in New York State at the 2021 Heartland Whiskey Competition, as well as Best in Class for Bourbon Whiskey in a tie with Casey Jones Distillery in KY. Distilled from New York State corn, wheat, rye and malted barley, Black Button’s Single […]

Best Whiskey in New York State: Black Button Distilling’s Single Barrel Straight Bourbon