Our craft distillery specializes in farm to still products where all of our grain is shipped from a local farm just south of our distillery. Unlike some other craft distilleries, we distill, age, bottle, and label all of our products by hand right here in Rochester, New York in our production room. We do not, and never plan on shipping in any spirits from large scale production companies. Our premium New York State Distillery promises to continuously deliver quality spirits that can be responsibly enjoyed by appreciators of fine alcohol. Scroll through our products below and learn more about the high quality spirits Black Button has to offer and how you can Live Large in Small Batches!

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Black Button Citrus Forward Gin

Gin and juniper go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, but who wants to be smacked in the face with a Christmas tree? Black Button Gin has subtle hints of juniper with an orange zest overtone that brings a fresh new twist to this old classic.

Disruptively Different Gin

Bespoke Bourbon Cream

Whiskey and cream seem to be such a natural fit together and this, the only farm fresh New York State bourbon cream around, combines our Four Grain Bourbon and local cream for a drink that delights.

Bourbon Cream is similar in concept to an Irish Cream but discloses a richer feel. The bolder vanilla and caramel flavors make this a unique spirit that can be used on its own, in a cup of coffee or in a cocktail. We recommend trying it in a Root Beer Float!

Recently awarded the Silver Medal at the North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition in the cream whiskey category

Black Button Fast Ferry Fernet

A style all our own, Fast Ferry Fernet is a blend of fruits, herbs, spirits and wine that all come together to make something quite divine. Fast Ferry Fernet was a blessing in disguise, a Manhattan aged in a bourbon barrel turned into something much more. The cinnamon and herb notes make this digestif a great addition to a Moscow Mule or any cocktail! Enjoy with friends and family and we invite all bartenders to share this handshake with their colleagues.

Four Grain Bourbon

Black Button Four Grain Bourbon is 60% Corn, 20% Wheat, 9% Rye, 11% Malted Barely and 100% NY state grown and distilled. Experience the product that captured my heart and the reason I’m dedicated to craft distilling. Perfect for a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned or just on the rocks. So sit back, relax and try the new definition of quality American Bourbon.

Lilac Gin- Release Date May 12th 2017

In honor of the rich floral history the Flower/Flour City has cultivated though out its history we here at Black Button Distilling give you our Lilac Gin. Made once a year in a small batch each flower petal is steeped and distilled and recombined to create a light, delicate flavor. Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender and Lilac as well as Juniper, Coriander and a myriad of other botanical components make this one of a kind spirit highly sought after. Make sure to get yours before we run out.

Garden Gin- Seasonal Release, August 30th 2017

Black Button Distilling and the New York Wine and Culinary Center are proud to present our first annual collaborative Garden Gin. With balanced botanicals and a smooth finish this is the perfect gin for a classic Gin and Tonic or the modern Bee’s Knees.

Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin- Seasonal Release October 2016

Black Button Barrel Reserve Gin holds a special place in our hearts. The combination of our two true small batch distilling loves. The bright fresh pop of our Citrus Forward Gin, and the smooth subtle woody notes that only a bourbon barrel can supply. Honey colored, juniper on the nose and citrus tones abound bringing this spirit to a whole new level. This little beauty is just begging for you to take her home to try in your favorite gin cocktails or to add a new twist to the whiskey drink of ole.

Black Button Moonshine

This barely-legal specialty is the smoothest sippin’ Unaged Corn Whiskey around. Traditionally made under the light of the moon to escape the Feds, our Corn Whiskey comes from an old family recipe. Learn more about what makes Black Button Moonshine so unique and how this smooth sipping spirit can bring moon shine to your evening.

Reviews of our Moonshine

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Black Button 20 Plate Vodka

Black Button Wheat Vodka is a suprisingly smooth foundation you can build your drink and your evening on. Black Button Wheat-based Vodka is made from soft white wheat grown on a family farm situated on the western slopes of Conesus Lake. It is this local grain that gives us the smooth taste, body, and feel that every distiller desires for their Vodka, and we are proud to have such desirable grain growing right here in the rich soil of the Finger Lakes Region.

Apple Pie Moonshine

Made with real Western NY fresh pressed cider, unaged corn whiskey and a little cinnamon this spirit will have everyone at the bonfire singing your praises!

Port Finished Bourbon

With notes of chocolate, cherry, stone fruit, oak and corn, this spirit has aged for a minimum of two years in white oak and then another year in a freshly harvested port cask from Port of NY Winery in Ithaca, NY.

“Our Port Finished Barrel Strength Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is the finest reflection of what it means for us to live large in small batches,” said Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling President/Head Distiller. “This spirit – made with the best local ingredients – truly represents the best of what Black Button Distilling has to offer.”