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 “Bourbon Manhattans were my grandfather’s drink. Every family dinner I would watch him pop the ice in the glass, measure two pours of bourbon and a portion of sweet vermouth into the glass. A quick stir, the color would change and it was back to the table to sit and sip, to relax and enjoy the company of our family. His glass was at hand for toasts at birthdays, Christmas and the Fourth of July.


I’ve taken up my grandfather’s ritual and it’s evolved as I’ve aged. My interest in distilled spirits grew over the years and when the chance to learn to distill came along, I jumped at it. When it came time to sell my house, leave my job and move back to my hometown to start Rochester’s first grain to glass distillery since prohibition, it seemed like destiny. How could I not take this chance, start this journey, follow this path that I had spent years crafting?


People always ask me if it was a hard decision to start my own company. And for me it wasn’t one decision, it was a series of them. It was a driving desire to strike out on my own. To make my mark on the world.”