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3 Things Every Successful Office Holiday Party Must Have


3 Things Every Successful Office Holiday Party Must Have


Written by Thomas Adams 
September 27, 2013

3 Things Every Successful Office Holiday Party Must Have

Your office holiday party is more than just an end of year celebration; it’s an opportunity to gather employees for shared recreation, motivation, team-building and recognition. The company holiday party is also a great way to shape company culture and reward employees for a year of hard work.  

Build an event with these three components to ensure your Holiday Party is a success! 

1. The Perfect Size

To have a successful company holiday party one of the first things to consider is the guest list. Some organizations like to invite extra guests and extend the invitation out to employees’ families, others like to ensure the party is small enough to encourage proper mingling and connecting among employees. When deciding on size of event, make sure to consider the feel of a large event in comparison to a small one. The size of the event should encourage employees to talk to others they don’t normally interact with during the normal work day, they should also feel comfortable to approach management and senior leaders. Often times a small intimate party is best for effective employee bonding and interaction.  

2. Leave the Office   

Now that you have your date set, get out of the workplace. You and your coworkers are in the office every day, get out and go somewhere new! Getting out of the office and away from work will change the mindset of your guests. Teams work better when they have a social relationship, going to a space where it’s easy to connect is a key aspect of any good holiday party.    

It’s essential to have your office party in the perfect atmosphere. This location should be a setting that feels comfortable, promotes socialization, has great drink options, and is relaxed.

3. Have an Activity     

If you really want to have a memorable holiday party, there will be an activity of some kind! Activities are great ways to promote bonding and socialization between co-workers who may not always interact within the office. Having an activity where guests learn something new or participate in creating something together is a great way to get minds and conversations off of work-based topics. Learning something interesting is a great way to make new team members feel more comfortable with fellow colleagues.  

With the right preparation, planning, and the perfect venue, your Holiday Party will be memorable, and you will ensure your co-workers’ RSVP to next year’s event.      

Need some inspiration? Black Button Distilling offers activities for guests such as Whiskey and Gin Blending classes, and Cocktail Making Classes. During these experiences’ guests can blend their own custom whiskey or Gin and take their mix home; or your coworkers can learn how to make professionally mixed cocktails in one of the Cocktail Classes. Guests can also enjoy a tour of the distillery at the Rochester Tasting Room and sip craft spirits made from Upstate New York’s finest ingredients. 

Our designated planner can customize your party experience based on your drink and food cravings. Contact us today!

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