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Buffalo New York Business District Day and Night

A Taste Of Buffalo: From Loganberry Drink To Loganberry Gin

Buffalo New York Business District Day and Night

A Taste Of Buffalo: From Loganberry Drink To Loganberry Gin


Written by Thomas Adams 
September 27, 2013

The Town Famous for the Loganberry Drink

a skyline view of Buffalo, New York
A Skyline View of Buffalo, New York

In Buffalo, there are many celebrated local favorites, and you may be thinking: “Of course! They must mean buffalo wings.” You are correct, but wings are truly just the beginning. When you come to town, you must start your day with a peanut stick from Paula’s, swing up to Charlie’s for a beef on weck for lunch, and sure feel free to grab a plate of wings in the evening, but for the love of Josh Allen, don’t order Buffalo Wings. All self-respecting wings are made in the original Buffalo style. And don’t even think of asking for ranch dressing. Blue cheese goes with wings like the lake effect goes with snow. When you are enjoying all the great eats Buffalo has to offer, what are you going to wash it all down with? Well, if you grew up here, you probably know and love the classic Loganberry drink. A sweet, tangy, and refreshing red/purple berry drink with an interesting history. 

Loganberry Drink History

The true loganberry dates to the 1880’s in California of all places. A gentleman named James Harvey Logan grew the original loganberry (named after himself) by chance. Having planted new blackberry plants near an old raspberry vine, the two berries cross-bred and resulted in a seedling that grew particularly robust berries that became known as Loganberries.  This new cross of a blackberry and raspberry would somehow make its way to Crystal Beach, Canada, which happened to be a favorite summer destination of Buffalo Natives in the 1900’s. Buffalonians would make their way across the border in the summer to Crystal Beach Park, ride the popular Comet, and enjoy the parks signature Loganberry drink.

Crystal Beach Amusement Park, Ontario, Canada

Even though the park closed in 1989, Loganberry still lives on in the hearts of Buffalonians and can still be found at many local establishments. Loganberry isn’t just found in liquid form these days! You can find it not only in sweet treats such as ice cream or baked goods, but even as a sauce for wings. If you are into a more adult libation, don’t worry many bars have created cocktails that perfectly riff off the classic Loganberry drink.

A New Take on an Old Classic

As the times change, so do our palates. For those who have grown up to find the classic Loganberry drink is a bit too sweet for them, there is another option. With deep roots in Buffalo, Rochester-based Black Button Distilling has crafted a gin that features the fresh berry flavor of Loganberry. Black Button’s Loganberry Gin utilizes classic gin botanicals married with actual Loganberry, raspberry, and blackberry. The result is both a floral and berry forward gin that offers all the memories of Loganberry while cutting its sweetness. A limited summer release, Loganberry Gin is available in local liquor stores throughout the Buffalo region, as well as online through Black Button’s website for shipping right to your door. If you would like to craft loganberry cocktails right at home, Black Button has done that homework for you:

Loganberry Smash

1 ½ oz Black Button Loganberry Gin
1 oz Simple Juice
½ oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Sparkling Lemonade

Muddle with fresh berries, shake with ice and pour in a glass.

Top with sparkling lemonade.

Loganberry Creme Soda

2 oz Black Button Loganberry Gin
Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice
Johnnie Ryan Creme Soda

Pour loganberry gin and fresh lime juice on ice 

Top with Johnnie Ryan Creme soda 

Garnish lime wedge and fresh berries if you have them!

© 2022 Black Button Distilling, Rochester, NY Black Button Loganberry Gin 42% alc/vol. 

Did you hear?

Black Button is growing, again.

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