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The Peach & The Pit


The Peach & The Pit


Written by Thomas Adams 
September 27, 2013

Hi All,
I’m Kat, the Rochester Tasting Room manager for Black Button Distilling! I am new to the Black Button Distilling team and a true LOVER of Bourbon. #bourbonbabe

I’m going to let you in on a conversation tradition among my inner circle: ‘The Peach & The Pit’. 


Instead of asking ‘How was your vacation..?’
‘How’s your new job going…?’
or ‘How was that new movie you saw..?’ etc..
We ask each other: ‘What’s the peach? (positive), What’s the pit? (negative)’
After all, life is all about balance, right?

As you could imagine, Black Button is FULL of peaches! 
This ‘peach’ field of beautifully crafted passion is absolutely bursting at the seams! 
If I must pick my favorite peach on the tree, the Black Button team would be it. What a great crew of gals & guys who also LOVE bourbon!
We have a great seasonal cocktail list featuring only NYS products, educational tours and a lot of great stories. #iloveny
We recently opened a tasting room in Buffalo #149swan, and you will be sure to find one of our smiling brand ambassadors at your favorite liquor store or community event. #BBDstreetteam

peach cocktail.jpg

Ohhh right, The Pit!  
Of course, who wouldn’t like to be on thier own tropical island sipping on an endless supply of icy cold Watermelon Gin Fizz? #sunyourbuns
BUT the reality of working at Black Button Distilling, I’d say is a fair compromise! 
#cheers #peachandpit #BBDROC #graintoglass

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