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Gins We Love That Lean Into Floral Flavors


Gins We Love That Lean Into Floral Flavors


Written by Thomas Adams 
September 27, 2013

When we think about spring, our attention turns to one spirit in particular: gin. Sure, this time of year — when the weather changes and rains roll through to wash our memories clean — is also great for mezcalvodka, and tequila. And rum season is definitely coming sooner than later. Plus, we never exclude bourbon from any spirited spirits convo. But this is gin’s moment.

While the juniper berry is always the most prevalent flavor associated with gin, it’s an extremely adaptable spirit. Depending on the herbs and botanicals added to the base, gin’s overall flavor can change dramatically. It can veer so far in the herbal direction that it’s almost medicinal, or it can be a showcase for floral flavors.

Right now, we’re all looking for a respite from winter, so hints of rose, lilac, and lavender are more than welcome. With that in mind, we’re shouting out ten of our favorite floral-centric gins below.

Black Button Lilac Gin

ABV: 42%

Average Price: $32

The Story:

Rochester, New York, home of Black Button is known as the “Flower City” because of its abundance of flowers during the spring and summer. It even has a festival dedicated to the Lilac flower. This festival was the inspiration behind Black Button Lilac Gin.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, you’ll find aromas of hibiscus, rose, lilac, and crisp juniper berries. Take a sip and you’ll find flavors of citrus zest, coriander, and various floral notes. The finish is mellow and filled with fresh lilac flavor.

Bottom Line:

This is definitely a gin for fans of flowers. The flavor is pretty bold and shines most in flavorful cocktails. Or use it in a G&T and let the florals shine without much fussing.

Did you hear?

Black Button is growing, again.

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