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New Classics For Cocktails


New Classics For Cocktails


Written by Thomas Adams 
September 27, 2013

It’s a bold statement, but here goes: Bourbon is a better partner for cream than Irish Whiskey. Need proof? Taste no further than Bespoke Bourbon Cream from Black Button Distilling.

Small-batch Four Grain Bourbon meets farm fresh New York State cream and creates a warmer, more luxurious experience than what you get from a traditional Irish cream liqueur.

Offensively good. – Crimson & Rye Magazine

750ml & 30 Proof

Tasting Notes

Similar in concept to an Irish Cream, it’s sweet on the nose with a richer mouthfeel and bolder vanilla and caramel notes.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: Add to your morning cup of joe for the ultimate Coffee with a Kick

Unexpected: Make a variation on an Irish Cactus with two parts bourbon cream to one part tequila (yes, tequila!)


Gold – Concours International de Lyon, 2020
Gold – John Barleycorn Awards, 2019

Production Notes

Bespoke Bourbon Cream is made with top-quality grain-to-glass bourbon that’s mixed with farm-fresh cream from a local New York State dairy and just a touch of caramel. Ultra-pasteurized and shelf-stable, swap out Irish Cream for Bespoke Bourbon Cream and you won’t regret it.


Black Button Distilling is firmly rooted in upstate New York as a point of pride, practice, and heritage. Over 90% of the ingredients used at the distillery are grown and made in New York State. This includes all of the grains, which come from Edgewood Farms, in the Finger Lakes region. As a certified Farm Distillery, Black Button is dedicated to the celebration, support, preservation, and continuation of New York State’s agricultural heritage.

Founder Facts

Founder Jason Barrett hails from a family that for four generations has owned and manufactured high-quality buttons that adorn men’s suits the world over.

Jason helped out in his grandfather’s factory as a child, but was destined for a different path.

2012 saw the birth of Black Button Distilling, founded on the same hard work, integrity, and dedication to quality he learned from his grandfather.

Please drink responsibly. 

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Meet the Makers

Black Button Distilling and Fee Brothers Bitters proudly present our first ever collaboration: Citrus Forward Gin Barrel-Aged Citrus Bitters.