Jason Barrett

President/Head Distiller

Jason Barrett is our founder, our fearless leader, our Chief of Innovation, and a Certified Distiller. Black Button Distilling is a reflection of his personality in liquid form and was originally conceived while he was working as a business consultant in Washington DC. Jason returned to his hometown of Rochester after attending several distilling schools across the country. He creates the whiskey recipes, blends the barrel aged products, oversees the operation of the still, balances the checkbook and manages sales. If you see him out in the community, make sure to say “Hello!”. He always has a story to share about what’s going on at the distillery.

Dick Barrett

Whiskey Engineer

Dick is our facility and construction point man. He brings our ideas into reality for the physical plant. He is the point-of-contact for our farmers, and he sits on the Agricultural Outreach Committee in the New York State Distilling Guild. Dick has 30 years of engineering and manufacturing management experience that he brings to our operation.

Jeff Fairbrother

Production Distiller

Jeff comes from the brewing industry but has since moved to the distilling side of things. Outside of work, Jeff is an avid and fun loving outdoorsmen, who spends his off time seeking out the next adventure with his wife and two young daughters. His ideal Black Button Cocktail is a glass of Four Grain Bourbon on the rocks with a cigar to pair it with. Give a warm welcome to Jeff!

Jessica Valence

Opperations Specialist

Upon meeting her don’t be intimidated by her overwhelming confidence she continues to be one of the most personable women you will ever meet! She will draw you in with her positive energy, love of life, adventure and the occasional stiff drink. Jessica is an open book when it comes to her life story, her unfathomable experiences and all of the roads that have led her to Black Button Distilling. Next time you stop in, go ahead and ask her about her love of art, her adorable nephews (3) and niece, her 10 year dedication to Balsam Bagels (Which is how we first met her) or how against all odds she kicked cancers a**. You won’t be able to miss her, she’ll be the one with the contagious smile and big blue eyes.

Laura Evans

Buffalo Area Manager

Laura is originally from East Sandwich, Massachusetts and is beyond excited to be part of the Black Button Team! She has a background in bartending and has worked for several wineries in the Finger Lakes. She has a passion for spirits and absolutely loves Black Button’s Bourbon and Vodka. She enjoys sharing our spirits with customers and loves questions! Laura can be found behind the bar at Black Button creating craft cocktails and talking about Black Button. Be sure to stop in and say hi!

Jenna Sprague

Key Account Manager

Jenna is a force to be reckoned with. After spending 12 years in the service industry she decided to take a leap into sales and hasn’t looked back since. You probably see her bopping around town working hard bringing our craft spirits to your favorite bar and local liquor store. When she is not being our sales person extrodinare, she is a super mommy of twin girls. Jenna loves to travel and experience life one adventure at a time with her husband Brian. Just follow her loud voice and contageous laugh and you’re guaranteed to have fun! Make sure you ask her about her sweet dance moves. Any martini made with Black Button Bourbon Cream is her favorite.

Andy Paradiso

Assistant Production Distiller

After serving for twenty-four years, Andy retired from his firefighting career, and then spent the next five as a fire apparatus repair technician.
He joined the Black Button bottling crew in February of 2016. Later that same year, a transition occurred to the production side of the operation. Now, as the Assistant Production Distiller, Andy is committed to assuring that everyone has an opportunity to “Live Large in Small Batches.”
When he is not in the midst of helping create Rochester’s finest, grain to glass craft spirits, you might see him riding his classic Harley Davidson motorcycle, unless you look quickly, you’ll miss it!

Stuart Hencke

Senior Bartender

He may have grown up near Possum Hollow Road in rural West Virginia but Stuart followed his heart and ended up in Rochester. He’s realized how rough the winters here but he knows if you can’t find any sunshine you can always count on moonshine. He thinks the best stories are told over a cocktail, come share yours with Stuart. His favorite drink is sipping on some ginger beer with a little bit of Black Button Moonshine.

Cameron Maves

Senior Bartender

As the self-proclaimed “Pretty Face Behind The Bar”, Cam likes to think he’s a people person. When it comes to our customers, he strives to give them an all around great time at Black Button. The Cam experience can be described as “Information and fun in a glass, with a garnish of laughs”. His favorite drink is the now retired “Cammie Hustle”.

Jeremy Dziedzic

Senior Bartender

Jeremy is a vodka enthusiast who take his spirits seriously.  Jeremy currently lives in Syracuse, NY and handles all of our Farmer’s Market events for us in that area.  Jeremy’s a huge fan of our wheat vodka, especially our batch 1 Vodka, which is no longer available.  His hidden talents include graphic design work and a love of typography.

William Mayes


Bill is enjoying every minute working at Black Button Distilling, and you can tell when you see him out a tastings!  He is a ray of sunshine who loves to talk up Black Button spirits to anyone and everyone.  There is always a smile on his face and moonshine on his lips.  Bill’s favorite drink is Batch 1 Vodka.

Karyn Benetti


Karyn is our resident Gin drinker. She truly enjoys Black Button Gin, but not nearly as much as she enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs Jerry and Elaine.  Karyn just finished her first Marathon the whole time listening to Broadway Show Tunes.  She likes to drop it like it’s hot (not as much as Cam does) and hopes you have as much fun at black button as she has working there.

Samantha Glathar

Brand Ambassador

Sam started with Black Button in April 2015, & gradually moved into a Brand Ambassador role, providing tasting experiences at parties, fundraisers – even on a boat! And don’t threaten her with a good time! Name the event and she’ll wear something to match the theme. Her goal is to see people ENJOY themselves, and to provide a fun experience that does just that. Her drink is a Moscow Mule (copper mug, please). Oh & she coined the term “Boozie”: A selfie with booze

Coty Brawdy


I am originally from buffalo, but now live in the finger lakes after living short term in Rochester. I fell in love with the city while I was there, and I have came back as often as I could. The city has so much culture and so much to offer, it’s hard to stay away. I love working at Black Button because everyone brings there own background to the melting pot of employees, which makes working so much fun. I have always been in love with craft spirits (well, since I legally could be), and have made an effort to always try new ones every chance I get. I am an avid gin and bourbon drinker, and every chance I get to try something new, I take it. Black Button allows me to do that, and meet tons of great people along the way! When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my fiancé, Torii, and our two Pitbulls Reggie and riley!

Jen Osborne


During the first 10 minutes you meet Jen you may be thinking to yourself, “Here’s a cute, nice, quiet girl.” AND THEN it hits you. “Did…Did she just say what I think she said?!” Every conversation you learn something you’d never expect to learn about Jen. Like the fact that she plays the trombone in a really cool band called the Superty Dupes. That she’s often seen killing it in an awesome elephant onesie. Or that she lives with like 30 pigeons?? She’s probably the coolest person you’re even going to meet. So come in, have her make a cocktail, and silently wish you were as cool as she is. (I know I do…). Oh and her favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned.

Big Red

Our 1947 Ford 1.5 ton dually is the last (and most colorful) member of our staff. She’s our face to the community and often accompanies us to shows, festivals, and farmer’s markets and in a pinch she can pretty much haul anything we need for the distillery.

Do you want to join our adventure?

Black Button is hiring!

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Are you the whiskey whisperer we are looking for? You are if you like to tell stories to people all day about the virtue of local spirits. You are if you are meticulous, results driven and unwilling to give up until you have swayed enough people to your point of view.

We Want You! In Buffalo

Key Account Manager (Self Distribution Sales)

Black Button Distilling is a fast growing company that manufactures whiskey, vodka and gin in Western NY. We are looking for an emerging to intermediate level sales professional with expertise selling in a business to business distribution model; ideally in the spirits/beverage industry. You will be responsible for selling over 1200 cases of specialty distilled spirits during the next 12 months. We self-distribute to over 300 bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout in Western NY and are looking to hire a Buffalo based sales person to help expand our brand.

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Interested candidates should submit a resume and one page letter of why they are the ideal candidate to Only resumes submitted electronically will be considered. Please no phone calls or in person submissions.