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Black Button offers two different kind of classes to help new distillers or folks considering joining the industry to learn how to make whiskey, vodka and gin. We also help with Safety issues and licensing.

Our Group Class is the Craft Distilling Experience which is $950 per person and is offered each February and June. Please see online booking for this years dates.

Our Private Class is the Master Distilling Class and is $4500 per student. This one on one program will put the student right into the thick of distilling with our staffs concentration on your operation. This is offered from January to August based on availability. Please reach out to to discuss dates.

What you can expect to learn.

Craft Distilling Experience

Knowledge is power and here at Black Button Distilling we endeavor to share with our guests the knowledge necessary to feel confident in opening their own craft distillery. Interested parties will include whiskey and gin lovers, entrepreneurs and those seriously considering or in the process of opening a craft distillery. Our 3 day program will run from 9am-5pm each day and will include breakfast and lunch. The price is $950 per person with a second person from the same distillery being ½ price.

This class is geared towards those who already possess a basic understanding of spirits and distillation and are looking to make the jump into commercial distillation. Although all are welcome to attend to the class will be business and production oriented.
Topics to be covered:

• Class Introductions
• History of Black Button
• In-depth factory tour
• Branding and label development
• Marketing strategies
• Making the most of Social Media
• Picking a glass bottle
• Finding a label printer
• Business Planning
• Writing a successful Business Plan
• Finding and working with distributors
• Sales team management
• Paying your TTB taxes
• Getting your TTB Bond
• Safety
• Insurance/ Licensing
• Recipe development
• Basics of Mashing
• Fermentation procedures
• Gin Development
• Infusions
• Basics of Distilling and making cuts
• Reviews and awards
• Equipment Sourcing
• Filtering equipment
• Hoses, valves and custom equipment
• Equipment needs
• Credit Card processing
• Tasting of Spirits from barrels
• Barrel aging theory and fundamentals

Master Distilling Class
This three day program is designed for folks who are making the jump into the craft distilling space.

This class is only offered once a month and book early so they must be planned in advance. Please contact us today!

For $4,500 this 3 day course is designed to give a single student one on one hands on training in craft distillation, business plan consultations and help in navigating the TTB and COLA process. Black Button distilling is a grain based craft distillery and is best versed in Whiskey, Vodka and Gin. Assistance can be provided for fruit based spirits, rum and cordials with prior notice. By the end of the class the students will be immersed in mashing and fermentation procedures, stripping run procedures, marketing and distribution assistance as well as how to proof, bottle and pay your federal TTB taxes. Students should come to the class with a well thought out business plan, a basic or intermediate understanding of distilling and the expectation that they will be working in an operating distillery for the week. This is not a classroom type setting this is a 100% hands on experience that is designed to save students from the common mistakes in the industry and allow them a leg up when they launch their brand.

This course is offered once a month on a first come first serve basis. Please get in touch with us at to discuss potential dates and your specific interests.

Additional consultation is available after the class including full recipe development, brand development and setup of equipment. Prices available upon request.

Price does not include transportation, lodging or meals other than lunch during the 3 day course period. Payment is due upon reserving class date. Classes will be tailored to the specific needs of the student within reason with prior notice. For more information, please email

Additional students from the same distillery can be added to this class for $1000 per person. Given the in depth nature of the class about your specific business plan we do not allow distillers from more than one operation at a time to avoid any issues with confidentiality. This time is very specific consulting and we want to insure total focus on our student at that time.