Whether you’re a burgeoning craft cocktail fledgling or a seasoned veteran, there are many reasons to visit a bourbon tasting room. Here are the top seven.

7 Reasons to Visit a Bourbon Tasting Room

The jig is up, the news it out, we finally found it—moonshine. It’s the high-proof distilled outlaw spirit, traditionally produced illegally for over 200 years. Now at the forefront of the craft cocktail revolution, it leaves us asking: what mixers can bridle such a lively and zealous spirit?

7 Perfect Moonshine Mixers

When bourbon is combined with cream, you have a spirit that is similar to Irish Cream, but is richer and bolder in taste with caramel and vanilla notes.

What is Bourbon Cream?

“Pride in your craft” lives and breathes at this distillery! Once I met the people behind the brand, I discovered new levels of enthusiasm and dedication. I discovered individual and collective pride. I learned philosophies that aren’t always the core values of other organizations… And I loved it.

Pride in your craft

We may just be one of the few places in town that allows you to shop WHILE you drink!  Isn’t that the most convenient thing you’ve ever heard?!  

One Stop, Drink & Shop!

I’m Kat, the Rochester Tasting Room manager for Black Button Distilling and I’m going to let you in on a conversation tradition among my inner circle: ‘The Peach & The Pit’. 

The Peach & The Pit

I have the privilege to be the face of Black Button Distilling, but this movement was started long before me and will continue long after…

A look back in time…

Is there any better time of year than Autumn to explore flavors and colors in drink recipes?  At Black Button Distilling, we think not!  New cocktail menus and bottled spirits are here for your enjoyment!