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Available for pick-up as of Friday, May 10th in our Rochester Tasting Room at 1344 University Avenue

Immerse yourself in the essence of spring with our exclusive Black Button Lilac Gin, a true gem that blooms brilliantly once a year in limited quantities. Crafted as a tribute to Rochester’s rich festival and floral heritage, our Lilac Gin pays homage to the city’s storied past as The Flower/Flour City.

At Black Button Distilling, we meticulously infuse each batch of Lilac Gin with a beautiful bouquet of lilac, lavender, rose, and hibiscus, capturing the delicate essence of these blooms. Every flower petal is lovingly steeped, distilled, and skillfully recombined, resulting in a spirit that exudes a light and ethereal flavor profile. Savor the sublime notes of our Lilac Gin in a variety of sweet and aromatic cocktails, such as the classic Aviation or the refreshing Highland Park. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a realm of warmth and happiness, embracing the vibrant spirit of spring. Delight in the subtle hints of juniper, coriander, and other botanical components that dance harmoniously on the palate, adding depth and complexity to this sought-after spirit. But act fast – with its limited availability, our Lilac Gin is a coveted treasure that disappears quickly.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of the season with our favorite Lilac Gin cocktails and experience the joy of spring in every sip. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your libation game with our exquisite Lilac Gin – secure your bottle before it’s too late. Cheers to the essence of spring, captured in every drop of Black Button Lilac Gin.


  • Sweet aromatic notes of lilac and lily blooms
  • Delicate palate of lavender and citrus
  • A gentle floral finish with hints of rose

Distilled and Bottled at 42% alc/vol (84 Proof) by Black Button Distilling in Rochester, NY

3 reviews for Lilac Gin • Pre-Order

  1. Kevin Barci

    I love the flavors that the master distiller’s come up with, using local products and made in New York. Everyone there is knowledgeable about all the products and it is a pleasure having cocktails in there showroom.

  2. Sarah McKnight

    I accidentally showed up after close and they were still very helpful and let me get my gin.

  3. William Meding

    Made a non-gindrinker enjoy some

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